On l’a déjà dit, on le répète : Krzysztof Penderecki a le goût (inné ?) du concerto. »»»
Crescendo 2017/09    
The collection of Penderecki’s concertos is continued with the Viola Concerto in a revised form for saxophone as well as the Second Violin Concerto. One hour of thrilling music, played by committed musicians.. »»»
Pizzicato 2017/05    
various - różne
My nominee for the world`s greatest contemporary composer marches on, here at the age of 84, without a sign of having lost a feather from his wings. All of this music is powerful, passionate, eloquent, and modern with an Eastern European heart. And in this continuing Special Edition from the Polish label Dux, it features a youth ("the Juventus") orchestra made up of the "most talented under thirty students and graduates of art schools" led by the composer. I`ve been listening to this series as it`s come out and never noticed that a good many feature the "Juventus" orchestra. What an extraordinary tribute to music education in Poland, or at least Eastern Europe. The orchestra has been existence since 2008, has performed with scores of major conductors. /Bob Neill/. »»»
Positive Feedback 2017/09